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6 Spiritual Practices to Balance Your Emotions

Get off the roller coaster of emotional reactivity. Learn how Raga and Dvesa keep us suffering and how to break the cycle and find peace. Third in my series on the kleshas published originally on MindBodyGreen.

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Spiritual Practices to See Your True Self

See yourself through new eyes as the radiant Divine Self that you are.  Read 3 Spiritual Practices to See Your True Self More Clearly First in series on the Kleshas. Originally published on MindBodyGreen.     photo credit: Stocksy

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How Meditation Brought Me to True Wellness

Looking for a deeper experience of wellbeing. Read what can come from a daily meditation practice. Originally published on

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3 Steps to Eliminate Ego From Your Yoga Practice

To advance toward more expanded consciousness we must observe the many undesirable ways the small ego self tries to run the show of our life. Here are some suggestions to shift toward a more Soul centered approach. Originally published on Second in series on the Kleshas.

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Spiritual Approach to Yoga Therapy

There are different approaches to Yoga Therapy depending on a client’s needs. Here I explore the Spiritual Approach to Yoga Therapy which for me underlies all the work that I do with any client. Published on Yogi Times.

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