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Yoga Therapy vs. Yoga Class

Find out the difference between yoga class and yoga therapy. Which is right for you? Full article published on Huffington Post by Jennie Lee.

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How Meditation Can Improve Your Marriage

Building mindfulness and sharing the practice of meditating together enhances any relationship. Read full Article by Jennie Lee published on Huffington Post.

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Yoga’s Guide for Peaceful People Management

The Yoga Sutras’ fail proof formula for dealing with all kinds of people effectively. Read full article originally published on Huffington Post.

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5 Steps to Self Mastery for Success and Happiness

Wealth, prestige, and power constitute the world standard for success. For some these prizes have come through hard work, for others through luck or inheritance. Yet none guarantee happiness. As the greatest measure of true and lasting success, happiness requires more, and self-mastery is the critical key…Read Jennie’s article originally published on Huffington Post.

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For Anyone Who Feels Broken

Some people lose everything and everyone that has ever mattered to them. Life brings such hardship, despair and alienation that they feel ‘broken beyond repair.’ Others, like a friend of mine seemingly have it all – good looks, intelligence, humor, success, money, friends and opportunities. Yet internally she feels ‘broken,’ unworthy in some fundamental way. […]

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