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Skydiving and Yoga

What Does Yoga Have to do with Skydiving? As a yoga teacher I am always trying to build bridges for my students – showing them how what we are doing in yoga class applies to life off the mat. This is because I believe that Yoga is the purpose of Life  – one intentional movement […]

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Paragliding Meets Yoga Therapy – ParaAscending

  Life is all about perspective – whether we feel up or down, fearful or exhilarated, blessed or needy. This became abundantly clear as I hurled myself off a cliff recently, trusting that I would be held by the air currents sweeping into the wing of the Paraglider strapped to the instructor behind me. No […]

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Meditation & Parenting Have a Lot in Common

I have been parenting for 15 years and meditating intently for about half of that. Without a doubt, having a regular meditation practice has made me a calmer, more consistent parent. And the challenges of parenting make me aware of how much I need meditation! Whether you have a regular meditation practice or have just […]

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How Yoga Helps

  Every time I step onto my yoga mat, it is like climbing onto a life raft. I know that no matter what waters of emotional circumstance surround me, I am safe inside my practice. Some days I jump on with buoyancy and glee, other days it takes every last ounce of life force I […]

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The Eight Limbs of Yoga

 “What is being taught (in America today) under the name of Yoga is a minute part of this great tradition, a microscopic focus on the physical. Yoga in its completeness is a way of life that allows for total transformation. But the physical postures, or asanas, can serve as an introduction to this distinguished wisdom […]

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Choosing Love

We all know the results of mass fear. In fact we have been living with it around us every day lately. But what would the result of mass love look and feel like?
Stop for a moment. Take a breath and imagine. What would a climate of mass love FEEL like?

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Living the Truth with Yoga

  The 8 Steps to Living the Truth with Yoga were formulated for Dr. Keith Ablow to parallel his 8 Steps to Living The Truth book. They are a practical application of the Yogic principles handed down by venerated teachers and taught in yoga classes all over the world for the past 2500 years.     […]

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Changing the Mass Consciousness

As we sit most of today watching the devastation reports from Japan, thousands missing and dead, the nuclear alert pending as well as the damage in No. California and on the US east coast , it is just unbelievable what the Earth is throwing up. It is definitely this kind of event that makes us […]

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