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Yoga Therapy Sessions

Yoga Therapy True Yoga is a way of life. Certified yoga therapist Jennie Lee combines soul centered life coaching, integrative yoga therapy, meditation and the wisdom practices of the Yoga Sutras to help you get physical vitality, emotional balance and spiritual awareness. Available via Skype, phone or in person on O’ahu.     More About […]

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Meditation Coaching

What is Meditation and how can it help you?   There are many types of meditation such as  mindfulness meditation, metta meditation, vipassana, moving meditation and guided meditation. Specifically, I teach Yoga Meditation, based on the formula outlined in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The techniques enable us to cultivate lasting peace and the unification of our […]

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Skype Yoga Therapy & Meditation Coaching

Skype Yoga & Meditation Sessions

Private. Exclusive. Confidential.   Personal online yoga & meditation instruction.   Uniquely tailored to your needs and schedule. With Skype Yoga & Meditation you can enjoy private personalized instruction delivered when and how it suits you best. Your pace, your time, your space!  Just download Skype for free ( and you are ready to begin […]

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Speaker on Yoga & Meditation for Wellness

Having worked with thousands of people, employing a process of wellness coaching called Yoga Therapy, Jennie Lee has a wealth of knowledge to bring to your group or organization.  Studies clearly show that personal wellness impacts performance at work and organizational leaders face mounting responsibilities and high expectations. To function well, we must BE well. […]

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Weekly Yoga & Meditation Classes

Fun Yoga Mix What kind of yoga do you teach? I teach it all in a playful mix. Vinyasa flow, restorative yoga, yin yoga, kundalini yoga, Kripalu yoga and more. Deep stretches, strengthening postures, balance and endurance challenges, mantras, mudras, pranayama all in this eclectic hatha yoga class offering you something new each week. Wednesdays, […]

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Online Yoga Philosophy & Self Study Course

  The Yoga of Conscious Trust course is an online correspondence course designed to help you integrate yoga philosophy on a personal level and develop the ability to trust life as your highest teacher. Experience assurance from within through yoga’s Self-reflection practice called Swadhyaya. Feel direction and well being regardless of outer circumstances. This online […]

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Reiki Sessions to enhance Life Force Energy

What is Reiki? Pronounced “ray-key” and derived from the Japanese Rei meaning “Higher Wisdom” and Ki meaning “Life Force Energy” is a simple yet profound form of energy balancing that works with the same principles as acupuncture and martial arts. When you feel your energy running low or your life generally out of balance, you are more […]

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