Meditation Coaching

  What is meditation? How can meditation help? There are many definitions and techniques such as  mindfulness meditation, vipassana, moving meditation and guided meditation. Specifically, Yoga Meditation is based on the formula outlined in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The techniques enable us to cultivate lasting peace and the unification of our consciousness with Divine Consciousness. It […]

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Learn meditation in your own home or office.

Skype Yoga & Meditation Sessions

Private. Exclusive. Confidential.   Personal online yoga & meditation instruction.   Uniquely tailored to your needs and schedule. With Skype Yoga & Meditation you can enjoy private personalized instruction delivered when and how it suits you best. Your pace, your time, your space!  Just download Skype for free ( and you are ready to begin […]

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yoga hawaii

Yoga & Meditation Retreats in Hawaii

Want a totally unique, personalized vacation where you can deepen your Yoga and Meditation practice and see O’ahu with an experienced guide? I will design a personal retreat just for you! Varied accommodations and activities are available, all tailored to your specification and budget. Whether Yoga and meditation are familiar or totally new to you, […]

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Yoga Therapy

True Yoga is a way of life. Certified yoga therapist Jennie Lee combines life coaching, integrative yoga therapy, structural yoga therapy, meditation and the wisdom practices of the Yoga Sutras to address your individual needs. By learning yoga as therapy you get physical vitality, emotional balance and spiritual awareness. Available via Skype, phone or in […]

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Corporate Yoga_001

Wellness Coaching & Presentations

Because personal wellness impacts performance, organizational leaders today are faced with rapid change, mounting responsibilities and high expectations. To function well, they must BE well.  Statistics overwhelmingly prove there is a correlation between personal wellness and on the job performance. Jennie Lee helps leaders find internal calm, clarity and courage. If you are looking for […]

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trust rock

Online Yoga Course

  The Yoga of Conscious Trust course was designed to help you develop the ability to trust life at the highest level. With the state of the world today, we all need something we can count on!  Experience assurance from within through yoga’s Self-reflection practice called Swadhyaya. Feel direction and well being regardless of outer […]

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hiking in o'ahu

Guided Hikes on O’ahu

Hiking O’ahu One of the best things to do in Hawai’i is to explore O’ahu hiking trails in order to experience the powerful mana (energy) of the island. With Jennie as your experienced guide, you can see the top 50 O’ahu hikes, including O’ahu’s best waterfall hikes. Explore, challenge, inspire, and give yourself a new […]

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Reiki Sessions to enhance Life Force Energy

When your vital energy is low or out of balance, you are susceptible to sickness and stress. But if your energy is high, you feel happy, healthy and ‘in the flow.’ A Reiki session can bring you the energy healing you need. What is Reiki? Pronounced “ray-key” and derived from the Japanese Rei meaning “Higher […]

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Recommended Yoga & Meditation Resources

Page is under construction. Please check back for more resources soon! Jennie Lee – Yoga Teacher in Kailua   History of Yoga Therapy on YOGA U ONLINE – A wonderful resources for online courses!      

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