Yoga, Meditation & Hiking Retreats in Hawaii


Most Unique Vacation

Want a totally unique, personalized vacation where you can deepen your Yoga and Meditation practice and see O’ahu with an experienced guide? I will design a personal retreat just for you! Varied accommodations and activities are available, all tailored to your specification and budget.

Whether Yoga and meditation are familiar or totally new to you, I will create an individualized practice that inspires and rejuvenates you while you are on holiday. Focus on the physical practice or the deeper teachings of the Yoga Sutras. Great for solo travelers as well as families and friends.

What Clients Say

“Jennie’s intuition is amazing. We didn’t know each other at all when I met her for a personal retreat in Hawaii but right away she asked the right questions and got me to think about the roots of my concerns and fears. She guided me through very helpful meditations and showed me practical exercises I could take home with me. She still checks in with me regularly and I value her advice very much. I feel very blessed to have met her.”  ~ Prema

Hiking on O’ahu

Experience Hawai’i’s best hikes and savor O’ahu’s waterfalls. I’ve travelled all the Top 50 O’ahu hikes  and guarantee I will find the best one for you! Swim in a hidden waterfall, enjoy a picnic with a stunning view of the sea, or have a yoga and meditation session in the beautiful woods. Explore, challenge, inspire, and give yourself a new perspective!

IMG_1166Add some Yoga Therapy

We generally use less-traveled hiking trails on O’ahu for privacy and peace.  When we stop for a break, we do so in a quiet area and sometimes we add a short meditation or some yoga stretches. Explore some goals and dreams! Is this the year to finally lose that extra weight for good? Need to brainstorm a career change? Let’s hike and talk at the same time. No mat required for yoga, meditation or yoga therapy in Hawai’i.


Additional Activities Available

  • surf & SUP Lessons
  • kayaking & snorkeling in uncrowded coves
  • beach & botanical walks
  • sacred temples
  • horseback riding
  • Reiki healing on the beach
  • paragliding
  • mountain biking



 Start creating your dream retreat now by emailing or calling Jennie Lee at 978-771-4000.