Meditation Coaching


What is meditation? How can meditation help? There are many definitions and techniques such as  mindfulness meditation, vipassana, moving meditation and guided meditation. Specifically, Yoga Meditation is based on the formula outlined in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The techniques enable us to cultivate lasting peace and the unification of our consciousness with Divine Consciousness. It is the ultimate spiritual practice.

Most people need some guidance to understand meditation, learn helpful techniques and navigate establishing an on going practice. Jennie’s coaching will give you the foundation and the support you need to feel focused and dedicated in your meditation practice. Covered topics are Pranayama or energy control which includes deep breathing meditations and guided visualization techniques to help you still your mind. Single pointed focus and devotional attention are also necessary components of a fulfilling meditation practice. The mind is ever busy – which is why most people get frustrated. However, the yoga masters say “ALL effort is progress” and over time you will feel life changing results. Meditation benefits are numerous – from lowered blood pressure and stress levels to increased intuition and efficiency.

prayerposebeachWith basic meditation instruction you can create your own daily meditation practice, and you can learn to detach from constant judgments and emotional reactions to life. By connecting to something deeper and more peaceful, you expand your awareness. Eventually the bliss promised by the Yoga Sutras comesIf you are interested in personal meditation coaching or joining a meditation group on O’ahu contact Jennie Lee Yoga Therapy.

“Meditation means transferring your attention from the bundle of sensations that is your body to the Infinite Joy that is your true Self.”  ~ Paramahansa Yogananda