Creating Balance in Life & Practice



Equinox is the perfect time of balance in Nature and a great time to learn how your Yoga practice can help create balance in your life. Learn 3 essential secrets to a stronger practice internally & externally and Yoga’s #1 tool for maintaining personal balance no matter what is happening in your life. A mixture of playful asana, some kundalini awakening and discussion, this evening will set you into better balance on Spring Equinox.

Friday, March 21  6-8 pm @ Aloha Yoga Kula (Aikahi)

$25 pre-registration or $30 at the door.

Tuesdays & Wednesdays: Kundalini Inspired Yoga

Kundalini yoga

Kundalini is life force energy. In this form of hatha yoga, we practice rapid repetitive movements to build physical and mental endurance; strong breathing techniques and energy locks to clear the busy mind and cultivate focus; and mantras combined with mudras to create greater ease in entering meditation. Most people experience emotional clearing and a kind of energy high. It is essential to hydrate well before and after class, and is best to practice on a nearly empty stomach. Read more about Kundalini Yoga here.

Tuesdays, 7am @ the Aloha Yoga Kula (Aikahi studio)

Wednesdays, 5pm @ Kaneohe (email for directions)

"I have been practicing Yoga for over 15 years, both in Hawai’i and on the mainland. After starting a regular practice with Jennie Lee my life has changed in profound and positive ways. Jennie is a genuine Yogi and one of the very best instructors I have found. She has a unique approach to each session and is able to skillfully weave together the physical, spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga into her classes and private Yoga Therapy sessions. She is strong, graceful, loving and always has your best interest at heart. Through her teachings I have seen my own body change, strengthen and tone in ways I never thought possible. Her Kundalini inspired classes will work your body in a way that is different from any other fitness class you've ever taken. Her classes will help guide you to challenge your mind, heal your spirit and help you build tremendous will power and a better relationship with your Self. These classes will leave you feeling strong, refreshed and spiritually and emotionally balanced, you've got to try them!"  

~  Sonnet Grant, Coach, Boot Camp Hawai’i


 Fridays: Good morning Yoga!

Yoga in Hawaii

Start your day off right with a practice tailored to your needs. We’ll center, stretch and build strength and stamina through yoga poses, relaxation and meditation techniques. You’ll feel energized and at the same time, calm and focused for a successful day. Class is just 60 minutes to accommodate your busy schedule yet give you a complete yoga experience.

Fridays, 7am @ the Aloha Yoga Kula (Aikahi studio)

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